On 2nd May, 2019, the session of Foodmario took place at Prime College. The main target of this session was to enlighten with the ideas and methods, Foodmario’s success and failure stories, how it has been able to be in the position and hearts of people it is today and how it aims to bigger and better.

Many of us may or may not know, and for those who may be questioning, “What is Foodmario?” Foodmario is Nepal’s first and only platform that connects home chefs with customers all over Kathmandu Valley. The chefs who use Foodmario’s services have been thoroughly vetted by their exacting team for hygiene, quality, taste and consistency.
As for the session, our event leader was Ms. Pragya Bajracharaya and Master of Ceremony (MC) was Ms. Neeti Rajbanshi. The highlight to the session was the hall filled with jubilant students of different faculties of Prime College.
Our Guest for the event was the Operation Manager of Foodmario, Mr.Babin Poudel. As the MC greeted everyone including our guest, Mr. Poudel was invited on the stage to share with us about Foodmario.
Mr. Poudel gloriously started with the history of Foodmario. He mentioned, as of early 2019, they have connected hundreds of home chefs with customers and delivered more than 100,000 orders. And by the end of 2019, they hope to work with more than 800 home chefs.
Furthermore, they envision replicating the Foodmario model in major cities across Nepal & other countries. Foodmario is in charge of providing a platform for connecting them to delivery people if needed, the chefs can focus on Foodmario. Ensuring marketing on behalf of the home chefs and increased customer reach are some of its many services.

Along with it, their chefs incur low start-up costs because they make use of their existing kitchen, instead of being compelled to operate out of expensive commercial spaces.
Moreover, he also mentioned out the challenges that make their job interesting, mainly consisting of delivery problem. However it provides them platform to assure their customers with best service.
With the end of his speech, audience were free to ask any queries if they had any. There were some students who were eager to know more about the profit, how passionate cooks could register in, about the packaging and many more. Thanks to Mr. Poudel, all the queries were answered without any further doubt.

At the end, Prof. Dr. Krishna Kumar Shrestha, the Principle of Prime College was requested to hand over the Token of Appreciation to Mr.Babin Poudel, for the valuable time he had taken out from his busy schedule for the event. With that, it was the end of our program that was successful and surely fruitful. There is no doubt that Foodmario is rising website that encourages home chefs and provides customers with better, hygienic, delicious homemade food to their doorstep.

Content Credit: Kritika Shrestha
Photo Credit: Prakat Baniya & Srijal Manandhar


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